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After working with me, my clients see real results in their businesses. Here's what some of them have to say:
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"Since going through Anthony's coaching program, I've been able to build a six-figure business based solely on inbound leads from LinkedIn. He made it so easy to understand the basics of creating a personal brand on this platform. He took away away the stress and overwhelm I once had about LinkedIn and made it simple. I cannot recommend this program enough."

- Amy W. | Digital Marketing Entrepreneur 

Kyle Gibson on Getting Leads

(from a recent group coaching call)

Kat doubled her network overnight from a single viral post...

Kailey gained over 41,000 followers in one year...

(she's up to 58K now)

Kirk just joined and is already generating leads...

Amy explains what "convinced" her to enroll...

Hint: It wasn't a pitch!

And just a few of the hundreds of clients I've worked with...

“No doubt in my mind that Anthony's program is the best business decision I made in 2022."

- Richie Schembechler | Financial Advisor

“I first heard Anthony deliver a presentation at a global summit of nonprofit leaders. He did such a great job that I invited him to speak to my team and the feedback was superb.”

“His content is excellent, and he delivers it in a way that is accessible and engaging…and definitely includes the most laughs you could imagine in a presentation on networking!”

Jeremy Gregg | 3-time TEDx Speaker, Arabella Advisors

"Anthony's presentation at the NIO Summit was phenomenal. He's one of the influencers who inspired me to go all-in on LinkedIn content four years ago. The results have been transformative!"

- Dan Sonners | Vice President, Conrad Direct

"If you're reading this and want to level-up your LinkedIn game, do yourself a favor and enroll in Anthony's program. I recently had a coaching session with him and walked away with a ton of actionable strategies that have already produced results for my business!"

- Mike Duerksen | Founder & CEO BuildGood

"I've been working on my business for 2 years now and I was amazed at how much I was missing on LinkedIn. My favorite part is he periodically checks on the changes we discussed and lets me know if I'm on target."

Bobbi McVey-Blath| Owner, Level-Up Facilitation Group

"Your program has been invaluable to my network process. As a result of the techniques you shared, I was able to grow my LinkedIn network by 1,500 connections, and had over 86,000 views to my posts. I was also named "Top Fundraiser" at the charity I work for."

- Brandon O'Neil | Charitable Planning Consultant

"I can’t hit the like button hard enough. I am working through Anthony’s program and it is quality, effective training. If you’re hesitating, feel free to shoot me a message and I can give you straight answers you might be looking for." 

- Quentin Fincaryk | Director Of Development

Just for fun...😂

“Just look at the 24 hour results after his training. My posts averaged around 40-50 views per post before joining. After implementing the tips Anthony shared, my next post received over 1,800 views – and counting!”

Stephen Bailey | Project Director

“I signed up during the pre-launch of  Anthony's course and I’m glad I did. He really helps to demystify LinkedIn. I just started, but I’m already seeing results. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get more traction on LinkedIn.”

Yahsha Breedlove

"I would highly recommend Anthony’s coaching program. Excellent presenter and educator. You will literally walk away with dozens of highly actionable tips and clarity on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business."

Cliff Nonnenmacher | Franchise Consultant

“If you’re on the fence, GET OFF and just do it! Take advantage of Anthony’s wisdom. Once I implemented the lessons Anthony taught me, my network grew tremendously!”

Julie Griffin

“My consultation with Anthony paid for itself in the first 15 minutes! I highly recommend Anthony's program to anyone who wants to improve their personal brand on LinkedIn."

Paul Nunn | Pinnacle Financial Strategies

"If LinkedIn is part of your strategic outreach to potential clients, you need to follow Anthony to see how it's done."

Pat Osigian | Business Performance Advisor

"After implementing the strategies that I learned from Anthony's LinkedIn training seminar, my profile views skyrocketed over 500%! I call this the 'AJ' Effect." 

"This stuff really works!"

Tim Kachuriak | Founder & CEO NextAfter

"I would highly recommend any of Anthony's programs on LinkedIn. He recently conducted a webinar for the Memphis Chapter of the American Marketing Association and it was the highest attended event in our history.

Not only was it entertaining and fun, but everyone walked away with great, actionable ideas to improve their personal brands on LinkedIn."

Mary Stratton | American Marketing Assoc. Board Member

"I recommend everyone take this program with Anthony. There's no better expert out there when it comes to LinkedIn."

Andrew McDonald | Co-Founder, Kasama
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